A world of difference! Bob worked with us and our Pomeranian mix Jasper on Wednesday, it is now Saturday and the difference in Jasper is phenomenal. Jasper went from an excitable brat that was ruling us when we weren’t even aware of it, to being a docile, obedient, and loving dog. Even his facial expressions went from “omigod I’m excited, what are we gonna do, I’m stressed!” to “Yes I am calm, how may I help you.”

Bob worked with Jasper for the day rehabilitating him and then brought him home to us. Next he trained us! He worked with us to show us what we were doing that was allowing Jasper to remain in charge and excitable. Then he showed us how to change our whole demeanor and energy to show Jasper who was in charge. We learned the energy you emit effects your dog more than you think.

Jasper now waits for his food patiently and doesn’t jump all over us as soon as we sit down. He doesn’t run out the front door at any given chance, he waits patiently for our permission. There still are areas he needs work on and he does test us, but we know this is an ongoing process and won’t fix itself overnight. But with Bob’s help we feel that it is manageable and we can do this, we can be the Alphas Jasper needs.

Amy & Jason