Meet the K9 Pack Leader

Raised in St. Louis, Missouri, Bob had been around dogs since childhood. Backed by his state of mind as a pack leader, his learnings allowed him to communicate with dogs in a way that they can understand. Every dog he has trained has become exceptional and incredibly well-behaved through the years. He had been the go-to person of his friends and relatives for the behavior issues of their companions.


Our mission statement

Our mission at K9 Pack Leader is to reduce the overwhelming number of euthanized dogs in our country, due to the lack of honesty of what dogs really need from us. We at K9 Pack Leader strive to help people understand that a companion without rules, boundaries, and limitations is likely to develop behavior issues. And giving up on them is not the only option, as instilled by our leader,

Bob Laut.

How Our Dog Training and Rehabilitation Center Started

On September 8, 2008, Bob was in a motorcycle accident that nearly cost his life. After many months being hospitalized, and many more months of rehabilitation that followed. He decided that instead of chasing a dollar and hoping for a passion, he would chase his passion and hope for a dollar. He completed several courses at Petropolis Training Academy in St. Louis to receive his “expert” dog trainer certifications. Those certifications combined with his existing knowledge of dog psychology, created the opportunity to fulfill his desire of keeping dogs in their forever homes, out of shelters, and being euthanized.

Since 2009, K9 Pack Leader has been helping countless people understand the behavior of their dogs. We specialize in rescue companions and work with many different animal rescue organizations across the Midwest. 


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Let us help you raise and treat your dogs to become better companions. For more information about our services, get in touch with us.