Bob Laut is simply amazing! It’s hard to put into words how good he is at what he does. From the first visit, my Siberian Husky puppy, Yuki, was instantly transfixed by Bob’s authoritative presence. The “Alpha” mentality radiated throughout the room and within the next hour, Yuki quickly recognized her place in our “pack.”

Now my boyfriend, Donovan, has a fun and easy time teaching her plenty of new tricks within just a couple hours from her amazing new focus. (Mind you, Yuki is four months old now and her training has only gotten easier since she first started with Bob at about 12 weeks old!) It only took two visits, once inside our home to explain the mentality of dogs and their need to have someone with a dominant role in their pack, and a second to conquer the ever difficult “walking on a leash without dragging me down the sidewalk.”

I was impressed by Bob’s professionalism, attentiveness, and kindness from the first ten minutes of meeting him. He seemed to have the answer for any question I could imagine (and believe me, there were plenty!). I think the moment I knew Bob was a truly exceptional trainer was when he noticed my initial unease at having Yuki on a pinch collar. Especially when she fought against it for the first time. Her yelps were painful for a dog “mommy” (I’m sure many of you can relate!), but Bob quickly recognized my distress and made sure I was comfortable, as well, even though his only concern could easily be Yuki.

I would (and do) recommend Bob’s training to absolutely anyone with a canine companion. Whether it’s simple tricks and obedience or more intense training, Bob knows what he’s doing and is very up front and honest about the role the owner plays in the overall effectiveness of the training. We took it very seriously because our puppy means a lot to us, and her obedience is vital in keeping her safe and appeasing the neighbors.

Thanks so much for all the help! We could never do this on our own!

And here is a fun youtube video to show Yuki’s success at training! We have more from the first day of Bob’s training, but I’ll have to wait until the computer wiz (Donovan) gets home from a weekend trip 🙂

Jina S.