I used Bob, the K9 Pack Leader Trainer! He was excellent. His number is 314.660.5316. I have 2 dogs. One is a male American Bulldog that is four years old. The other is a female American Bulldog that is two years old. They had fought about three times in the past. Honestly, it was pretty bad. My male almost got my females jugular, so my female could have died. I was actually on craigslist looking to sell my female when I found Bob’s ad. I decided to call him. He was AMAZING!!! He is VERY REASONABLE. I looked into training at other places for my dogs and it was VERY EXPENSIVE. BOB IS VERY AFFORDABLE!! I called Bob to come over for a visit. Within the first visit, my dogs walked loosely on a leash TOGETHER. In addition, within less than one week, I have them both trained to know the word “Home” and go to their separate beds. They will stay in their beds until I release them. The most important thing is that he showed ME how to be the DOMINANT pack leader, so now my dogs DON’T FIGHT!!! It is great!! I would definitely recommend him. He has done wonders for me and my family. He can really help you. If he can help me and my dogs, then he can help anyone!

Susan G.