I have worked with and trained many dogs. Most of my dogs have been rescue from the streets of Homestead, FL., also kennel raids of pups being kept in wire cages in a shed in South FL.. But Hercules I adopted him from a rescue group in MO. After hearing about his story online, this 8 week old puppy was deaf and blind from birth and was now being thought of as a throw away. It pulled on my hearts strings so I adopted him and brought him home. I just wanted to help and get his story out there. I made lots of calls to trainers and most had either no idea and were unsure how to help. I researched and tried to find training tips that work with this full of energy little dog who is now 3 years old. I knew he had some unhealthy behaviors like making these circles and running them over and over, which had made it hard to walk him. Or when I put a lead on him he would not move and fought it. Until Bob came into the picture we hung up on the simplest of things. Walking on a lead. Sounds so simple but yet it was a wall I was having trouble over come. Here I have this little dog that loves people and a story I want to share and I can even walk him.

Thanks to Bob his patience and knowledge we are now about to walk around the block and/or take him places like a pet stores.. it sounds so small but it Opens up his whole world. With that wall down now we are on to taking the next steps, one day I would like to be able to go and take Hercules out to share his story. One day I hope to make him a therapy dog.

Thank you so much Bob!!

By the way Hercules has started using his nose on our walks:)