I was so frustrated with our dog and his aggressive behavior I felt hopeless. Bob worked with our dog and he’s a wonderful dog now I’m not petrified of him anymore Laura Rohlfing

Huge Change

Such a huge change with our dogs, human training was just as beneficial! Highly recommend! Amazing to work with, we learned a great deal. Thanks for your help with our dogs!!! Angie & John Scariano

Taking Back The Alpha Role

Bob was able to quickly and efficiently identify the problem I was having with my service dog. He had become a bit protective (not aggressive) while I was injured. He had also begun making decisions rather than waiting for my commands and following my lead. I...

Our Dog Was Back!

Bob helped my husband and I rehabilitate our dog after he was attacked two separate times. He no longer trusted other dogs, or even other humans. He was very protective of us, and always “on alert”. Bob has been a great friend to us, and I started asking...