Hello Everyone,

If you have multiple dogs with issues, fear, anxiety, jumping, barking or aggression problems, Bob is the MAN FOR YOU! Today was my first consultation and session with Bob and I swear he is a miracle worker. I had dogs that would not potty or go outside together, had food issues, and aggression due to fear. I have two aggressive dogs that are not red zone dogs, but could turn that way if given the chance—he had both out walking together on a leash. He calmed my other dogs that would hit if you didn’t pet them. I also had the ‘I-am-hyper-skiddish-of-men’ fear dog, the Pit who thinks she owns the entire house (including everything in it), and last but not least, the little dogs: doxies and a beagle. The doxies are sisters and fight over anything, he has calmed them all. I now have the two aggressive dogs on my bed one at a time with no issues and actually licking each other. Before I could not even take one outside with out the other one going off to I-hate-you-and-I-want-to-kick-your-ass mode. This man is expert and very reasonable for pricing. When you see him you will know he is a MAGIC MAN! We found out that I am a lot of the problem from the energy I am projecting to the dogs of anxiety and fear. “Oh my god what if they fight again”, “oh shit one is growling”, “I can’t take this one for a walk or outside, it’s going to be World War 3”. The dogs do pick up on how you feel before you even start. This man is better than Cesar a.k.a. Dog Whisperer. Please if your life is a living hell and you fear leaving the house thinking what did they tear up or is there a fight when I am gone, rest assured he can and will help you and your K9 friend. I am in for a long road ahead but it is worth every penny. If he can help me and my pack he can help anyone! It is worth it! THANK YOU BOB! YOU ARE THE BEST!