Bob Laut at K9 Pack Leader does excellent work.  He recently came to help us with our extremely dominant alpha Boston Terrier, our Corgi who is food aggressive, and our pit mix who is new to our family.  When the three get excited they also get overwhelming. Bob really knows how to get the message through to you and understand why our dogs act the way they do, and how to train them not to act out.  He really understands dogs, and how to get them to respond to you. He showed us how to control our personal space and correct them when they get excited and go crazy.  How to show them we are the pack leaders, and training exercises with food to stop the food aggression, how to quiet them down when excitement enters our house and how to keep our dogs from jumping the fence. I highly recommend working with Bob if you are frustrated with your misbehaving dog.  You might think its impossible, but you will see results after working with Bob.

Sean D