My wife and I adopted a 4 month old Boxer-Rottweiler  puppy. He is definitely going to be a very big dog, so early training was a top priority for us. Bob was recommended to us by the shelter where got the puppy. From the minute Bob walked in the door, we knew we made the right decision. It was clear that Bob was an experience trainer, knowledgeable and confident. With Bob’s training techniques and advise, our dog Leonidas has become the envy of the neighborhood. He walks with us on his leash, never pulling against us. He sit’s, stay’s, and comes when you call him. He even leaves his food or treat until we “release” him to eat. Our dog is still a puppy, not even 5 months old, so he isn’t perfect in all his training yet, but we know that with continued application of Bob’s training techniques, he will grow to be one of those dogs everyone wishes they had. We highly recommend Bob for any age dog, but if you have a puppy you definitely should get him involved early.

Mike and Lani H.