Our story begins with a very intimidating, insecure, dominating, misunderstood animal who was isolated from the human/ dog world because of fear of ” what will he do next” we couldn’t take jack on walks because he would drag us for a walk as he ferociously barked and growled and other dogs and people passing by. It wasn’t even a thought to let him join in on gatherings due to fear of what he would do to guests who would come over. Jack lived in a kennel about 20 out of 24 hours a day. He was miserable and so were we! But that all changed when we made a phone call to Bob. He came into¬† our home and reassured us that the relationship we once had with Jack is a thing of the past if we would be willing to listen and learn from his example and from the example of his pack leader , his dog named B. Bob took Jack for 7 days and taught him to socialize with other dogs. He showed jack that life’s burdens didn’t have to all fall on him and that he didn’t have to be in control of everything that occurred around him. He taught us that jack didn’t want all the responsibility of being the ” pack leader” and he showed us how to take back the control. We now have a dog who follows his commands, walks along side us without pulling( my 6 year old walks him by herself now) never jumps on people and will immediately go into a calm submissive behavior when told to do so. Thank u Bob Laut for giving our home more peace and love