Bob Laut really knows his stuff. My situation: I have two Boston Terriers, Princess and Baxter. When I would take them for walks, Baxter would attack Princess when he saw another dog. I thought this was only happening outside and around other dogs because that was the only time it was bad enough to draw blood. Bob came to my home and showed me little signs that this was happening in my house as well, although on a lesser scale. He helped show me how assert myself as the alpha dog, and to recognize the attacks before they would happen. He still makes the attempts and we will continue to work on even getting rid of the attempts, but we have been blood free for over a year thanks to his training. He is very reasonably priced and works quickly. I was to the point I would have had to give up Baxter if it wasn’t for Bob. Highly recommend. If you have questions, I do NOT mind being contacted.

Michael Hall