“It’s me or the dog” is what I heard when, for the 10th time, our 85 pound black Lab Mix rescue, Beau, growled and snarled at my husband when he tried to kiss me goodnight. We also could not take Beau on walks because he wanted to attack anyone walking by, and he particularly hated UPS and Federal Express trucks.

Enter Bob Laut. Bob worked with us on several home visits, and then took Beau with him for a week at Camp Good Dog.   His follow up with us was incredible…and he truly cares about the outcome.

Our marriage is intact, and Beau is still in residence… thanks to Bob.

We will continue to take Beau to visit Bob from time to time and get “reminded” of his good manners. In the meantime, we can enjoy our walks on leash and we appreciate all Bob did to keep the peace in our household.



Frontenac, MO