I hardly have words because it is so jaw dropping in a magnificent way to see the changes in the first puppy I worked with after the pup got back from this camp.

The one year old puppy is named Toby and he is a Shih Tzu who had issues with barking,jumping,biting,aggression which was the biggest issue for us, and generally too much negative behavior. I am the dog walker and boarder/sitter for Toby, but his owners took him to the camp after the consult he came back with the behaviors of an adult well trained dog. He no longer barks at all, he jumps and whines some when anyone first walks in every once in a while, but stops in a few seconds and will sit and watch until we give him attention. His aggression is entirely absent now.

I have another family who uses me for doggie day care with their 10 month old husky mix and she is named indigo. Her unwanted behavior is almost IDENTICAL to Toby in the past, so after talking to the family and doing training with them, I realized Indigo does a much better job listening with me and not biting or being aggressive most of the time, then she does at home BECA– USE the family is inconsistent and gets overwhelmed and tired, which makes indigo suffer. So I mentioned Bob Laut a few times and finally JUST got the family to call him to talk. I really hope they understand that the expense is higher, but the reward is life long peace with this pup and they would spend significantly more if they try to keep using traditional dog classes for her, as she’d need them for life since the owners were not trained well either. He also invited me to come to camp during the few days of it so I could learn more about how to improve my own training with this dog and others. That kindness is rare and should be acknowledged.

Summary: Just do it. You won’t be disappointed. The juice is worth the squeeze. Ha Ha.

Katherine A.