Our Pomeranian puppy Dexter was becoming very dominant and aggressive to us and to guests in our home. He would growl and nibble and pull on people’s pants legs.
As soon as Bob walked into our house for the session, Dexter immediately responded to Bob’s demeanor. Bob understands the psychology of dogs and therefore knows how to respond to their behaviors. Better than any of the training classes or puppy schools we had researched for Dexter, Bob taught us how to train Dexter ourselves, in our own home, and how to respond to and correct bad behaviors
Bob has years of experience with dogs. He knew how to relate Dexter’s behaviors to human behaviors so that we could better understand our dog. Dexter seems much more happy and respectful now that we have Bob’s influence in our home!
Bob encouraged us to contact him in the future with any questions and he has been there for us to respond to any of our concerns with Dexter!
Thanks so much, Bob!

Esther & Caitlyn