My girls & I brought Cowboy (amer bulldog and sharpei mix) home in Dec 2012, and as cute as he was and as much as we fell in love with him…we absolutely had NO control. After about 3 mos. I was at my wits end, girls were always crying and shrieking over what he had chewed up of theirs, constantly nipping and jumping at everyone, and of course-he only likes expensive shoes! ha ha!! I couldn’t take it anymore, and contacted the foster organization we got him from and beginning of March he went back. We were incredibly said, but realized we had no idea what we were doing with a new puppy?? Over the next 3mos, I kept in contact with the foster family…she had 5 home visits with other families but couldn’t bear to place him with anyone else, because she knew how much we loved him and was determined to help us find a way to make it work?! She then contacted me this May and mentioned Bob w/ K9 Packleader, so I viewed his website and read the testimonials and decided to give him a try. On May 10th, Bob showed up to meet w/ me before Cowboy and I’s reunion….he noticed the amount of energy I have and that our house can be a little chaotic at times w/ 2 little girls; he quickly noted that bringing a new puppy home to a chaotic environment is not going to result in a calm, submissive puppy? It all starts with the owner, not the dog? After an explanation from Bob regarding puppies/dogs, packleaders and why dog do what they do and what they do/don’t understand….Cowboy came home and Bob worked with him and I for about 2 hours or so. During those 2 hours, I saw a whole different dog than what I had seen a few months prior? He was listening to my commands as instructed by Bob and he seemed very calm. The foster family Cowboy stayed with had 4 small children and other dogs, so it is possible to still create a “calm” environment for your dog. After our session with Bob, he did a follow up call later that night to answer any questions I might have and another a week or so later (great customer service!) I have continued to work with Cowboy each and every day, some good days and some bad days; however, it is kind of like working with small children, not everyday will be good! ha ha! I also started running with him every morning before work which seems to help burn off that extra energy. The tips that Bob have given me are life-changing when working w/ your dog, others have asked if I am sure if it is the same dog? I am extremely grateful for Bob’s work and because of him, I have my Cowboy back and the girls truly enjoy having him around now. I have since referred others to him and they have had success as well:) Much thanks to you Bob!!!!