I foster rescue dogs and usually have between 5-7 dogs in my home. I have been fostering a momma dog since February and adopted one of her babies from her litter. She is very insecure and I have been keeping her separated from all my other dogs. Bob came over twice and by the second visit she was upstairs with 5 other dogs. Today, one day later I have her on my main level hanging out. She is playing with her now 7 month old puppy and is really relaxed and enjoying herself. This is a dream come true. I forsee a future for her in a pack, no longer in isolation, confident, happy and fulfilled. Bob’s work is magic. He worked on my mentality and empowered me to give my foster dog a better life. I highly recmommend Bob and encourage families, rescue groups, boarding faclilites or anyone that deals with dogs to take advantage of Bob’s gift and use his services.

Shantelle B.