I was so excited for Bob to come work with my three dogs, and after only 3 sessions I can say that my dogs have completely changed. My two larger dogs now walk amazing on a lead. My 10 year old niece couldn’t control my Pit Bull on a walk, and now she can walk her without a problem. My Pit Bull also had some serious food aggression issues towards other dogs, and during his first visit he had my Pit Bull laying next to a bowl of food without trying to inhale it. She and my Shepherd can now eat in the same room together (under supervision of course), and we haven’t had a single fight in nearly 3 weeks. My Chihuahua now sleeps in a crate next to my bed as opposed to on it, and she’s slowly starting to warm up to new people coming into the house, but we’re still working on the clinginess (both mine and hers). I would definitely recommend Bob to anyone who had dog issues. He may not be for everyone, but if you keep your mind open he can help both you and your dogs tremendously.

Jessica J.