Good morning, Bob-

I just wanted to follow up after our training session Saturday, in reference to Enzo. He has done so phenomenally this weekend—we are amazed! We walked two miles at Forest Park last night (the rain made it impossible Saturday night or Sunday morning) and, initially, he would rear up against his collar and cry and carry on, but he finally fell into line. The big test was when an older couple stopped to see the boxers (we had the other dogs along also) and, after being corrected, he sat quietly while they talked to us and fawned over the other dogs. He was shaking, but he sat quietly. This morning, Bryan walked both boys by himself and they did fantastic. The biggest miracle happened this morning: we had a new employee start and, as he was being introduced to everyone, Bryan opened his office door with the new employee and Enzo just looked up and kept chewing his bone. We were all flabbergasted—and THRILLED.

Sheila R.