Bob visited me & my pup, Honey, earlier today… I gotta give him serious props for the calm, assertive energy he brought in to our home! I needed some hands-on guidance on how to keep the packleader mentality a part of our every activity. My ultimate goal is to have my Honey a part of a Therapy Pet Team- helping sick children & the elderly smile 🙂 I want to fine-tune her training & have her in a calm submissive state on walks, at dogparks, joining my friends at the sidewalk cafe, etc. Bob gave me so much confidence in what I’ve done with her so far & I’m looking forward to our trip to PetsSmart next week (a place I fear visiting with her but wish I could). I have no doubt I’ll be able to control her in every situation 🙂 THANK YOU BOB!

Robyn V.