We have an almost 2 year old German Shepard dog, who was a good dog, just had some poor manners that we wanted to work on. We knew that it wasn’t the dogs fault for being a dog, it was us, his owners, who needed to learn how to help train him. Some of our dogs manners were barking at anyone he saw, getting extremely excited when someone knocked on the door, and a couple other items. We had tried another trainer, who spent more time criticizing us on where we got our dog from then actually helping us train. When Bob came it was very evident from the first few moments that this would be a beneficial experience. After our dog finally calmed down, Bob went over everything, his ideas on training, what was expected of us, tips, suggestions, etc. We felt very comfortable that we now had the tools to help our dog. Bob then spent a good amount of time showing us what to do and giving us suggestions. We saw improvements almost immediately! One thing that we really liked about Bob was that he wanted to come a week late to see how everything was going and that we were able to call or email him with any questions. We have seem dramatic improvements with our dog and we couldn’t be happier. It is a little on the pricier side, but well worth it if you have issues with your dog that you want to take care of. We are very pleased that we found Bob and made the phone call!

Kaitlin B