I would like to thank you so much for your help with our rescue dogs. Beginning with Nova, a rescue that had to be removed from a Petsmart adoption event because of her aggressive behavior and thanks to you now is in a loving forever home. From a dog like Nova, to helping someone find balance in their pack when a new member is introduced, you have given my fosters tools to address the different issues rescues may come with. I will always be thankful to you for pursuing your passion and helping so many dogs that would otherwise not be able to be placed in homes! The dog I adopted had aggression issues with dogs, jumped on everyone and I could barely walk her because she barked/whined at people, dogs and squirrels. I tried everything to try to train her myself – I used all the training tips I researched on-line and nothing worked. Bob started walking her and in a matter of seconds had her behaving – it was amazing. The dogs in the neighborhood she had growled at she is now friendly with. We can pass people, other dogs and squirrels without a peep now. He did a bootcamp with her to get her used to being in a pack and she is now going to doggie daycare and loves it. Bob’s training was worth every cent and he saved a dog that wasn’t adoptable because of her dog aggression into a dog lover. Thanks Bob!

her enough to get her to come home with me. After having her for a few weeks, she had already had 2 biting episodes. One more episode and she was done for. She was far beyond regular training and was in need of some serious help. After having just 1 training session with Mr. Laut, my fiance and I both felt a renewed sense of confidence and dominance. He not only helped us to train her on simple things, such as, sit and stay, but he also helped us to better understand the canine mentality. This in itself is a game-changer. So many things he explained to us made perfect sense. I realized that this training was not solely for my dog, yet for me as well. My dog still loses her mind around most people and all dogs. Although, I’ve learned a pinch collar gives me that extra power to control her in situations where she just won’t listen. All together, she has shown impressive improvement. So, Mr. Lout and his training are both genuinely worthwhile. He is an awesome, down-to-earth guy with a connection to the dog world.

Thank you Mr. Laut! Couldn’t have kept her without you!