Our beautiful, sweet boy, Kado, is back with us in Michigan :)) Wow, wow, wow!! We were all amazed to see his transformation and thankfully, he was carrying a few extra pounds. We had a very enjoyable and educational two hour seminar with trainer extraordinaire and new friend, Bob, who re-introduced Kado to his potential foster/adoptive family, complete with two dogs. Our boy was a shining star :))) No dog aggression, no reaction – a totally different pup hanging out with, seemingly, not a care in the world. We were very pleased that the family decided to take Kado home with them and hopefully, over the next few weeks, he’ll be a permanent addition. Armed with great tips and advice from Bob, and a little work on their part with one of their existing dogs (who would have thought), we have our fingers and toes crossed that all will turn out well. We are all so thrilled and impressed with the outcome, thanks to Bob and his amazing connection with dogs – he truly is a pack leader. We are so happy that we were able to give Kado a second chance, one this sweet boy truly deserves :)))

Lynda Stein