Canine Training and Rehabilitation Programs



Behavior Modification

Addressing negative behaviors that are experienced on a daily basis. These behaviors include excessive barking, jumping on guests/family, mouthing at guests/family, food aggression, socialization, and more.


Animal Rehabilitation

Once dog psychology is understood, strong leadership is established. Then comes establishing rules, boundaries, and limitations. We help dogs overcome fear, insecurity, aggression, anxiety, and more. Bob has experience with rehabilitating dogs, horses, pigs, and even a camel.


Master Walking Your Dog

Lead pulling, lunging at dogs/people, barking at dogs/people, excessive marking are all problems that can be corrected once the dog acquires a follower state of mind. This will enhance the bond between the dog and its human leader, as well as the dog’s respect and love for its human leader.


Obedience Training

A highly recommended service that allows your dog to be welcome almost anywhere, no matter the distractions.


Strengthening Bonds through clear communication

Helping the human better understand the dog, so the dog can better understand
the human.