We have a Shiba Inu (which looks like a fox). We adopted him back in October 2010 and never not having a puppy before,I spoiled Newt rotten and now he barks (which his breed is not suppose to bark.) he wants to bite everyones ancle, does not listen to any commands….

I looked up dog training in the search engine and Bob Lauts name was the first name that came up..I called left a message and told him I had a spoiled rotten puppy that would not listen, he came over 3 days later…. Bob walks in my house and my puppy decides to act up like always and before Bob could get all the way in Newt was trying to take control.. Bob had Newt obeying him within 2 steps …we could never open our door without Newt trying to get out and run away. Bob had the door wide open and Newt standing and trying to get out but Bob not letting him. That was last Monday and Bob will be here Tuesday with more home work and more amazing ways to Newts better living….

I was totally shocked that Newt listen to Bob and now he even listens to me….

Much Thanks to Bob for making our home a home again..

Sue O.