I have 5 small dogs that were definitely all struggling to be the pack leader. The smallest one took the world on her shoulders trying to handle the pack leader position. She became aggressive with other dogs including her cousin Maddy (a Schnauzer). Whom she always loved and played with. My sister hired Bob as a present for me which was one of the best gifts that I ever received. On Bob’s first visit I have to say I was skeptical that anyone could help. But much to my amazement within 20 minutes he took control of our littlest dog and became the pack leader himself. From then on he had us take the reins guiding us all the way. He showed us how to become the pack leader which took the world off of our littlest one’s shoulders. He guided us through the process of teaching all the dogs to leave things alone when we commanded. This all took place in his 1st visit which was 2 hrs. for 6 dogs including Maddy my sisters dog. One week later he came to our home and the progress was amazing. Not one fight. And all the dogs would leave anything alone that we commanded them too. Next he showed us how to teach our little yappers to be quiet. If you think your dogs cannot be stopped from barking then talk to Bob because his method works. This time Bob spent an hour with us. We have one rescue that Bob showed us several ways to help him feel more confident. To this day the little guy Thanks Bib for his new found confidence. The price was very reasonable and what we learned from Bob is unmeasurable. No fights, no excessive barking, no jumping on furniture without being invited. I have to let you know that in order for these tactics to work you have to be willing to become your dog/dogs leader. Thanks for all you do Bob from a new pack leader!

-Linda F.