Bob was able to quickly and efficiently identify the problem I was having with my service dog. He had become a bit protective (not aggressive) while I was injured. He had also begun making decisions rather than waiting for my commands and following my lead. I hadn’t realized that my dog recognized that I, as the pack leader, was injured and he needed to “step up” and ensure the survival of the pack. After talking with Bob and following his direction in taking back my position as the leader of the pack, my service dog settled comfortably back into his role. We are back to working as an efficient team, and my dog is more settled and happier. I hadn’t realized the problem was me! Bob listened and treated me and my problem as an individual and he came up with a plan and strategy that I could implement easily and I was comfortable with. He did not come up with a “cookie cutter” dog trainer plan, it was designed specifically for me and fit comfortably with my limitations. Within just a few weeks my dog was back to working wonderfully. We are an efficient team again and I have my partner back.

Joey Ramp