At an event earlier in the year, I met Bob Laut. He shares the passion of motorcycles and had a great “never give up” story to tell me about, that is certainly worthy of sharing with our readers. In September of 2009, Bob was hit by a car while riding his motorcycle and was in the hospital for countless days. Obviously this was a life changing event that would make anyone reevaluate everything. He decided rather than to chase a dollar and hope for passion, he was going to chase passion and hope for a dollar. Today, Bob is the owner of K-9 Pack Leader. He is now trained to help people understand their dogs and why their dogs act the way they do. Millions of animals are euthanized every year because their owners become frustrated in trying to tame an animal that has become unruly in their eyes.

So let’s back up a little bit and go into why Bob chose to start working with dogs. When he was growing up in the mid 60’s, his parents trained German Shepherds for the government for military purposes. Being around dogs with this training can be dangerous for most people. At a very young age, Bob tried to feed the dogs as he watched his mother do a thousand times before. He was knocked around like a rag doll by 8 dogs. This was when his education of dogs and their psychology started and his mother became his first mentor. His upbringing experiences with training dogs laid the foundation on what he is doing today.

Bob worked in the car business for years and got into the repo business for a while. Later in life he became a truck driver to see the country from behind a windshield. Motorcycles have been in his blood since he was a kid. He bought his first Harley in the early 90’s and his first brand new Harley in 1999. Then he bought a 2007 Street Bob. The accident in 2009 totaled that bike and unfortunately Bob was unable to continue his trucking career due to the severe injuries he received. After evaluating his skills, Bob had to figure out what to do. This was when his life made a full circle and his dog training skills became top priority. He went back to school to focus on dog behavior and training. He did not give up. Bob now goes into people’s homes to better understand their dogs. On a daily basis, Bob shares one of the most truthful quotes that his mother used to say, “If you treat your dog like a baby, your dog will treat you like a dog”. If a dog doesn’t have a leader to follow, it will become that leader. That is pack mentality. Bob is experienced with any sized dog, from a 3 pound Teacup Chihuahua to a 197 pound Italian Mastiff. The most common issues that owners have with their dogs are: the knock at the door and the dog goes crazy, people come inside and the dog is jumping all over them, the dog is knocking over my kids and/or guests, when to dog is in the backyard and someone walks down the street the dog does nothing but bark. All of this can be corrected. People should know that in a dog’s world, excitement can change to aggression in a split second. Dogs are territorial animals and many times what we see when a dog barks at other dogs isn’t them just saying hello to each other. It’s more about the dog saying, “This human belongs to me, Go away”. In the media we are hearing about how bad Pit Bulls are and that it has created a stereotype. It wasn’t all that long ago that Pit Bulls where nicknamed “The Nanny Dogs”. The typical household with a child would also have a Pit Bull to keep the family and that child safe. Recently, man has designed the mind of the Pit Bull to have an aggressive behavior toward other animals, but that can be changed and Bob has done that. With the holiday season upon us, I am sure there will be numerous pets purchased or adopted into families. If you have a dog that is not accepting training, don’t give up. Bob can certainly assist you with your efforts and create a harmonious balance with you and your dog. Bob has a great vision to where he wants to take his K-9 Pack Leader business. The facility in his vision will be a place to take your pet for anything from simple grooming to advanced behavior training. Bob is certified in training dogs for numerous reasons. Anything from basic training to rehabilitation and even bed bug detection.

His number is 314-660-5316