We met Bob when we needed support training for our highly challenging 1.5 year old male (runt of the litter) Australian Shepherd, Konnor, aka TNT for Tiny Nuclear Terror. Konnor is an amazing dog with over a million neurons in his head working on overdrive. Bob taught us how to communicate with Konnor and harness his need to have a job and learn boundaries while allowing his explosive character to flourish.  Later that year as we worked with Bob we lost our beloved Kodi, another Australian Shepherd, to cancer.  We were devasted and Konnor was lost.   We called Bob and asked for his help to find a dog to be Konnor’s new companion.  And, through Bob rescue efforts, into our life came Finley, a loving (while neuron challenged) Golden who makes us laugh, keeps Konnor on his toes, and loves everyone within his reach.  We have two horses, and our Paint, Kate, adores Finley.  You will see the two out in the paddock some afternoons with Finley on his side and Kate grooming him.  Finley is so trusting and has no fear of the horses. Konnor herds the horses and takes his job to watch them very seriously.  He is all business.  On the other hand, there is Finley who has decided that his job is to just enjoy life and help others do the same.  That is his calling and we love all 90 lobs of him for that. Having dogs in our life is like oxygen and water.  We would wither without them.  And, thanks to Bob we have two top notch souls that we would not trade for anything.