Bob came to my house yesterday for the first time. To begin, his prices are VERY affordable, especially compared to other trainers that are willing to come to you home. My family has been breeding for 22+ years so I have a lot of experience in training. About a year ago I added another Newfoundland to my family. I did all of her obedience training as a young pup, but now that shes a year old she seems to want to be the Alpha dog in the house. Even though she has been crate trained she began whining and thrashing around in her crate, learned to get out of the crate, jumped the fence, jumped on strangers, etc. She was obedient most of the time but very rarely submissive. Bob worked with my dogs for about an hour. I would say it took maybe 2 minutes to see a difference. Koda, the 1 year old jumped on Bob twice and stopped. She went over laid down and just stared at Bob. It was as though the Mighty Alpha Dog had walked into the yard. All 3 of my Newfoundlands just stared in “awe” at Bob. Bob’s way of training is the most effective I have seen. He is training not only the dogs but the owner to think more like the dog to help with training. He puts things into perspective to help you understand why some training methods work better than others. It has been 24 hours since my training session with Bob and my dog is practically a whole nother dog. Every morning at 430, she wakes me up crying, not because she needs to go to the bathroom but because she wants out to play. Needless to say i got to sleep until 10 am today without a single sound! So far she has not whined or thrashed around in the crate, even while 2 people stood in the room talking. She has finally started being submissive, really learning the snap method to sit, lay down and show submission. I had a few friends/family members over last night and they could not believe how different Koda was. she did not try to jump on them AND was actually calm. It’s unbelievable that 1 hour with Bob can do THIS much change. I have already told a few people about Bob and would highly suggest him to anyone. Words cannot express how thankful I am to have tried Bob as a trainer. He is good and knows what he is doing. If you are still having doubts about Bob, then let me try to convince you by saying if he had a book or DVD, I would send one home with every puppy I sell. His training costs less than most petstore classes and takes place in your home, sessions are custom to your dogs behavioral needs. Not so much a general session. I cannot wait for the next training session!