I would highly recommend Bob. I have three dogs, two of which are dominant females. I had been working with them but I was still seeing unacceptable behavior from them and was becoming frustrated, as well as had a genuine concern that one or both of them may hurt the other. I saw Bob’s ad on CL and I decided to call him out for a consultation. I was very impressed how my dogs behaved with just a few corrections from him and chose to hire him. I can honestly say that I don’t think that there has been a time when I have been happier and my dogs too. We have had 2 visits with Bob and my dogs are showing great progress. Granted, they are still a work in progress and I work with them every day in order to be consistent. They are walking much better on a leash, they are not as anxious, and overall, they are listening better. If you have a problem dog, Bob with Pack Leader K9 Rehab/Training is a great answer and he’s affordable too! Compared to every where else I have looked, Bob beats the price wars by a long shot. Give him a try, I did and it was well worth it. I am looking forward to his visit again this weekend to continue my training as well as the training of my dogs.