I have personally had Bob help me in my own home with my 3 dogs, as well as assist me with a few dogs that are with a rescue that I volunteer for. I can personally tell you, that my experience was a great one. My 2 females used to fight constantly and often it would create a bloody mess, not to mention the high vet bills from having to require treatment. Since Bob was in my home, my females have not fought, not one single time. Also, I could not walk all 3 of my dogs at the same time as a pack because it was too much with them pulling and tangling each other, but now, I can walk the 3 of them together with no issues. He has also assisted with the rescue group for which I volunteer for in keeping an adopted dog in the adoptive home as well as assisted with dogs that had issues in their foster homes.


Call Bob

(Pack Management)

Please call Bob Laut, tell him Michelle Heller who has 9 rescue dogs referred you. He is reasonable… Bob’s number is 314-660-5316. Thank you.

Michelle H.