After being attacked by a neighbor dog and at a pet store in the same week, Cleo (our Neapolitan Mastiff) became fearful of dogs. Despite taking her to socialization and obedience classes, she became aggressive (or what we thought was aggressive) towards some dogs. She started to even bark at people. She really struggled when we moved her from Ohio with a fenced in yard, to St. Louis with a shared yard. We wanted her be able to go outside and enjoy walks. We called Bob after reading an article online. That was the BEST decision we ever made! Bob showed us that Cleo was actually showing territorial behavior. After completing bootcamp, we took Cleo with us to Ohio to visit family. The photo is of Cleo and Taji (our puggle). We were able to have Cleo off leash running around! To see her run again, was beyond what I can express! There were dogs out, and she did not react to them at all! She walked around with our nephews, who are five and six years old. We can never express how thankful we are for the training she received at Camp Good Dog, and the continued communication from Bob!

Jeanne St. John Arnold