We had an alpha dog and knew it. For 6 years, she jumped on us and our guests, pulled aggressively on her leash when being walked and just plain would not listen to our commands. Why did we let her get away with this behavior for so long you ask? Well because she was our baby! Then we decided to add a puppy to the family and “our baby” began growling and nipping at the new puppy for no reason, that was when we decided to call Bob. I chose Bob based solely on every one of these testimonials on his website. I read every single one and without looking at another trainer, called him immediately. Bob truly knows dogs, their language and how to explain to those of us that can’t understand why our dogs won’t do what we say! He got us an appointment very quickly and as soon as he came in our home, our baby and new puppy immediately started to respond to his body language and commands. We were astounded and listened to Bob attentively as he explained and demonstrated what we were doing wrong and what we were doing right. Within that visit, our baby learned to not jump on us, how to walk on a leash with me barely holding the leash and listen and follow our commands. It was truly like magic. Bob taught us a very special quote of his mom’s, “If you treat your dog like a baby, your dog will treat you like a dog!” That was our light bulb moment. We still give our dog lots of love, but she’s no longer our baby and we are not treated like dogs anymore. Bob is also extremely affordable and worth every penny. I just wish we had hired him 6 years ago! If you would like to talk to me, please feel free to call me.

Jennifer Connor