My Daughter rescued a 4 week old puppy from the back of someone’s van at the Sullivan, MO Walmart. We already had two other dogs. One of our dogs is a 5 year old Scottie (female). My Daughter coerced us into keeping the puppy. We were having MAJOR problems with our Scottie acclimating to the puppy. She was very rough and bit him every chance she got. We called our Vet’s office My Vet Animal Clinic in Eureka, MO. One of the vets recommended Bob Laut and his company K-9 Pack Leader. I reluctantly called him explaining our situation and told him HELP! After our first visit, Bob has convinced us that that WE were the issue, not the dog(s). We began to work on transforming our thinking and commands. The turnaround that the dogs made was UNREAL! We could not be happier with what he has taught us. Our dogs now realize that we are the Masters and they are the dogs! I highly recommend him to anyone to help them understand their dogs better and to train them! He is very very worth the money and we now have 3 happy, well balanced family dogs!